You Complete Me Relationship Bracelets

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Introducing the You Complete Me Bracelets
50% off for our Anniversary Sale!

These bracelets represent relationships between two people.  As we all know relationships between 2 people are one of the most important things in life we need to learn not to take for granted. 

The definition of relationship is: The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.  In each order of the "You Complete Me" bracelet combo, you will receive two bracelets.  Wear this with your significant other in reminder of how important your relationship is to each of you :)

⭐ Eco Accessorize Lifetime Warranty Included! ⭐

Why do you need these bracelets?

It's hard enough to find a gift that he or she will actually like these days and we can all agree that it's not always the amount of money spent on the gift, but the meaning behind it.  These bracelets are something you and someone else will actually wear, and truly enjoy the meaning behind them ❤️


In each order you will receive 2 bracelets!

  • One black with 3 white beads
  • One white with 3 black beads

These are limited edition & won't last long!

One size will fit all! Bracelet size: 6-6.5 inches

Worldwide Shipping: ALL Shipping is FREE! Your bracelets are processed in 1-2 business days then shipped!

If you don't end up loving your new bracelets, you'll always get your money back!

Whether you're giving this as a gift to a friend, significant other, or even a family member, we promise you there is nothing better than receiving a gift with meaning from someone close to you 

"Perfect Anniversary gift! I wear mine everyday and he refuses to take his off" - Tina R

"The colors are exactly like they are in the pictures, absolutely adorable!" - Hannah M

"These are actual stones! At least they feel that way haha, they have some weight to them too so they are nice and durable" - Kylie T

"Love the product and it's exactly what I thought it would be. It fits well and looks great" - Ryan J

"Great buy. Bought these for my son and his gf. Surprised by the quality! I would definitely recommend, would buy again..." - Lauren D.

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