Lock Bracelet and Key Necklace Set

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Introducing the Lock Bracelet and Key Necklace Set
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Bracelet meaning: We created the Lock Bracelet and Key Necklace Set to allow those who are in love to show their appreciation for each other. Loving someone can be hard to show at all times, but no matter who you care about, let your sibling, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else know they are the key to your love and happiness at all times

⭐ Eco Accessorize Lifetime Warranty Included! 

Each of you will wear one of them with either the lock or the key. Give the gift of meaning to him or her, and show them you always want them to be there with you.

Why do you need this set?
It's hard enough to find a gift that he or she will actually like these days and we can all agree that it's not always the amount of money spent on the gift, but the meaning behind it.  This set is something you and someone else will actually wear, and truly enjoy the meaning behind them ❤️


In each order you will receive 2 items:

  • One silver bracelet with a heart-shaped lock
  • One silver necklace with a key that fits the lock

These are limited edition & won't last long!

One size will fit all!

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Your set will be packaged and shipped the same or next day of that you ordered them.